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Guy Cottrell

About the Chief Postal Inspector
Guy Cottrell was appointed as the 38th Chief Postal Inspector of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service in July 2010. Chief Cottrell oversees all operations of the Postal Inspection Service, which include National Headquarters offices, 17 field divisions, two service centers, and the National Forensic Laboratory. The offices are staffed by more than 1,400 Postal Inspectors, about 700 Postal Police Officers, and approximately 600 support personnel. Chief Cottrell also serves as Chairman of the Universal Postal Union’s Postal Security Group of the United Nations..

Prior to his appointment, Chief Cottrell served as Deputy Chief Inspector at National Headquarters, where he oversaw all national security programs for the Postal Service. As a native of West Virginia who grew up in New Orleans, Cottrell joined the Postal Service in 1987 when he became a letter carrier there. In 1991, Chief Cottrell became a Postal Inspector at the New Orleans Division, where he investigated internal and external mail theft throughout Louisiana and southern Mississippi.

Since that time, Chief Cottrell has held a number of management positions in major metropolitan areas, including his appointment as Inspector in Charge of the Postal Inspection Service’s Washington field office during the Amerithrax investigation.

In 2008, Chief Cottrell served as Inspector in Charge of the Security & Crime Prevention and Communications Group, where he guided the Postal Inspection Service toward a risk- and management-analysis platform, streamlined security-related programs, and implemented numerous cost-effective and innovative solutions. His group produced security and crime prevention publications and videos, and overhauled the Postal Inspection Service’s external Web site.

Chief Cottrell holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of New Orleans.